Trans safe space

 Members of the LGBTQ community and the businesses that want to service them should be able to interact in a peaceful, meaningful, and gratifying manner.

It was a risk up until now! When a gay person came into a merchant's shop, they never knew what to expect.

Everything may go well if the vendor is upfront, honest, and respectful. Sadly, the merchants might be racist, homophobic, or just plain psychotic, and things can quickly devolve into a nightmare. Leisure time, whether at home or on the road, should be protected for LGBTQ people.


LGBTQ.ONE, a non-profit organization, has announced the debut of an entirely new and cutting-edge technology that provides protection, security, and acceptance to members of the LGBTQ community. Please join us in welcoming this new software and showing you how it will assist the community members, merchants and vendors throughout the world in their daily contacts with businesses and services wherever they go.

Merchants may profit greatly from our innovative and unique PWA technology since it works on every type of mobile device (iPhone/iPad/iPod/PC/Macbook/tablet/smartwatch, etc.). Type in anything you're looking for, whether it's a hat, hot dog, or auto repair, and you'll be sent directly to the merchant's location. Simple!

Trying to locate a certain person? The app offers a pretty unique function. It has the ability to bring together people with similar interests in an efficient, safe, and rational manner, whether it's for a quick conversation, a coffee date, or a long-term relationship. THEAPP maintains a watchful eye on the area around you and tells you when it finds another app user nearby, similar to how an entertainment guide reminds you of local companies and bargains given even while you are traveling.

If you don't have an account, you may still use most of THEAPP's features.

Get started now and be safe. LGBTQ.ONE offers a free download of THEAPP

Downloading and using THEAPP is completely cost-free for all users worldwide. Fill out the registration form if you wish to sign up a company or post on THEAPP. Otherwise, you may use THEAPP's numerous features without registering by clicking the red x or anyplace outside of the form.

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